Power - Households

Find the product that suits your household.

We have several types of electricity contracts for private households.
We recommend a spot price based agreement / contract. This contract follows the day to day power market price and is and is also recommended by independent experts.
To read more about our different power products please visit our Norwegian site (information in Norwegian only). On your right hand side you'll find links to our different electricity agreements
If you do not understand written Norwegian, please contact our customer service.
Tussa Customer service: 70 04 63 00

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Important phone no.:

Customer service: 70 04 63 00
Front desk: 70 04 62 00

Opening hours for customer service:

Monday – Friday 08.00–16.00
Broadband, TV & Telecommunication:
Monday – Friday 08.00–19.00

Visiting address for customer service:

Electricity and invoice
Industrivegen 6, 6080 Gurskøy
Broadband, TV & Telecommunication:
Langemyra 6, 6150 Ørsta