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Billing and payment options

We offer convenient billing options. Your invoice/bill is sent to you monthly and you can have it sent to you either as paper invoice, e-mail invoice, as electronic invoice directly to your online banking service (in Norwegian: eFaktura) or as direct debit (in Norwegian: Avtalegiro).

The different billing and payment choices we offer are available through your personal Customer website "DI SIDE".


This website is in Norwegian, so you may need help from someone who can read and understand Norwegian if you are not proficient in the language yourself.


Paper Invoice Charge

If you want to receive your invoice on paper you have to pay a Paper Invoice Charge of NOK  49,- per month. To receive your invoice by e-mail is free of charge.


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Important phone no.:

Customer service: 70 04 63 00
Front desk: 70 04 62 00

Opening hours for customer service:

Monday – Friday 08.00–16.00
Broadband, TV & Telecommunication:
Monday – Friday 08.00–19.00
Saturday 12.00–15.00 

Visiting address for customer service:

Langemyra 6, 6160 Hovdebygda