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You may not have to submit your meter reading anymore!

When you buy electricity, both you and we have responsibilities. Our responsibility is to deliver a safe and secure supply of electricity to you. In return, we ask that you please submit your power meter readings every two months. If your local grid company have installed an AMR (Automatic Meter Reading unit) in your house or Apartment, then you no longer have to do anything.


Automatic meter reading (AMR) is the technology of automatically collecting your electrical consumption, and transferring that data to a central database for billing. In 2018 local grid companies all over Norway started installing new meter reading units in Norwegian homes. These meter reading units automatically submits your meter reading for you.




IF your house or apartment does not have a AMR unit yet, you have to submit your power meter readings every two months. You can read more about why and how here:



Our customers are obliged to submit power meter readings to us. This must be done according to the routines set by the power grid company, and at least once each year. More importantly, your readings ensure that the invoices/bills you receive from us are correct. If we do not receive meter readings from you, we will estimate your power consumption based on previous readings and other historic and average consumption data. This is undesirable for both you and us, as it can lead to wrongful billing.


Our customers shall submit their readings every two months. See the scheduled dates for meter reading below - please submit readings as close as possible to these dates:
January 1st • March 1st • May 1st • July 1st • September 1st • November 1st


The easiest option for our English speaking customers is simply to use our Text Message Service (SMS) from your mobile phone, or to call our Customer Service (70 04 63 00). One of our staff members will be happy to answer your call and take your reading. Opening hours are located on the right side of the website.
You may also submit your meter reading here on our website or through our automated phone service.

WHAT you need

In order to submit your meter reading swiftly, please have these details ready:
• The number of your meter reading unit ("Målarnummer" - found on the meter and on your invoice/bill)
• Your customer number ("Kundenummer" - found on your invoice/bill)
• The meter reading itself ("Målarstand" - include all the zeros, but none of the digits after the comma)


If you understand written Norwegian, you may use our text messaging service to submit a meter reading from your mobile phone. Prior to using this service, you must register your mobile phone number on your personal Customer Care website in the upper right-hand corner of this website, look for a box titled "DI SIDE". After registering for the text message service, you will be sent a text message prior to each meter reading date containing instructions on how to use the service.
Make a text message like this (without [ ] brackets):
  • Tusm [Meter number] [Meter reading]
  • Example: With meter number 900900 and meter reading 122000 the text message would be like this:
  • Tusm 900900 122000
  • Send the text message to 26166.



If you understand spoken Norwegian you may call our automated meter reading registration number and be guided through the submitting process. The following guide to automated phone submitting may be of help to you:
  • Call 800 30 880 and wait for the machine to answer, then press 1 for meter readings
  • Dial your customer number, then verify by pressing #
  • Dial your power meter number, then verify by pressing #
  • Dial the meter reading (including all digits to the left of the comma), then verify by pressing #
  • Listen to the machine’s readback to ensure your entries are correct, then verify by pressing # 


The meter reading section of our website is unfortunately not available in English. However, submitting your reading should be fairly straightforward using this guide:
  • Log in to "DI SIDE" in the upper right-hand corner on this website, look for a box titled "DI SIDE".
  • Enter your customer number in the field labeled "Customer no." and your 4-digit PIN code* in the field labeled "PIN-code".
  • Click the green button
  • You are now redirected to the meter reading section of your personal Customer Care website(customers with several power meters may have to click the "Avlesing" link in the left menu and select each meter to be read in a dropdown menu).
  • The current date is pre-entered in the field labeled "Avlesingsdato", but if your meter reading
    is more than one day old, please change the date in this field to the actual meter reading date.
  • Enter your meter reading in the field labeled "Målarstand".
  • Click the "OK" button to go to the review page.
  • The details you have entered are displayed for review along with other information about your
    tariff so that you may ensure they are correct. Click the button labeled "Registrer" to verify. Close your browser window or click the "Logg ut" link in the left meny to exit.

* If you do not yet have a 4-digit PIN code, follow these instructions:

  • Click the "Forgotten PIN-code " link.

To get new PIN-code sent to you by e-mail:

  • Enter your e-mail address in the text field behind "E-postadresse"
  • Click OK
To get new PIN-code sent to you by text message to your mobile:
  • Enter your customer number in the text field behind "Kundenummer"
  • Enter your mobile number in the text field behind "Mobilnummer"


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