Power supply

In order for your home or business to be able to get electrical power, it must be connected to the electrical transmission grid. For this service you pay grid rental to your local Power grid company (Mørenett).
Power Grid companies are responsible for the local electricity supervision. They are also in charge of building new transmission grids and maintenance of existing grids.
The Power grid company in our area is Mørenett.
Power grid companies are responsible for the power transmission grid in our and area and the local electricity supervision. They are also in charge of building new transmission lines and maintenance of existing lines.
The power transmission grid is the electrial supply distribution network that carries electricity from a power plant to the user. High-power transmission lines can carry electricity between local grids in order to balance supply and demand.

The Power grid company should be contacted concerning:

  • Power outage
  • Fault / damage to equipment or lines
  • Report a fault caused by lack of earthing/ground fault
  • Technical issues
  • Cabel detection
  • Meter reading (if you do not have Tussa as your power supplier)
Due to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) requirements for Power grid companies neutrality, all information from Mørenett is found on a separate website, www.morenett.no
As an electric power customer, you are actually making purchases from two companies; your local Power grid company and your power supplier.
The power company  (Tussa) distribute electricity for sale in a regulated market. In other words, we sell the electric power you use.
The Power grid company (Mørenett) owns all electric meters and the power grid in their license area; they distribute electricity to your house and is responsible for maintaining a reliable and effective distribution grid.
When you move to a new house, Mørenett is obligated to supply electricity to you (Obligation to supply). But it is very important to choose a power company to buy electricity from (Tussa). Otherwise you will pay much more for your electricity than necessary.
You can read more about Obligation to supply in the question below "What is Obligation to supply".
Obligation to supply is a service from your Power grid company that is mandatory when you move in to a new house. This means that the Power grid company is obligated to provide you with electricity.
Obligation to supply is ment to be a temporary service from your Power grid company until you have chosen a power company to supply you with electricity. The Obligation to supply service gives you a much higher electricity cost than necessary, and we highly recommend you to contact us and sign a electricity contract suitable for your household.


The simple answer is that the power market is digitalized.

Elhub was launched on February 18th 2019. It is a central IT system or data hub that streamlines the management of all data and market processes in the Norwegian power market.

The advantages of Elhub is:

1)  All information of data and different processes in the Norwegian power market is collected in one place
2) All message  and information exchange between the hub and all market participants (eg Tussa) is standardized, were all information is received, analyzed and returned quickly.

It has made it considerably easier for the parties to exchange information regarding for example, supplier changes, changes in data and measurement values ​​for the production and consumption of electricity in Norway.

As a consumer you can log in to Elhub and see your own power related data here: https://plugin.elhub.no


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