It is very important to register your meter reading as close as possible to the 1st of the month (in the months of January, March, May, July, September and November).
If we receive meter readings on several days before and several days after these dates we will estimate your power consumption based on previous readings and other historic and average consumption data. This will in many cases lead to wrongful billing.
Meter reading periods:
  • December 26th until January 1st
  • February 23rd until March 1st
  • April 25th until May 1st
  • June 25th until June 1st
  • August 26th until September 1st
  • October 26th until November 1st

If you have an online banking service (Netbank) you can register to receive electronic invoices from us (eFaktura).
You have to log in to your online banking service where you will get a list of providers. Choose Tussa from this list. You can also register next time you pay your bill from us in your Netbank. Follow the instructions in your Netbank to complete the order. You will have to fill an electronic invoice Reference.(eFakturareferanse) wich you will find on your last invoice from us.
When you have registered to use electronic invoicing you will receive an e-mail every time an electronic invoice is ready in your Netbank. You have to log in to your Netbank and approve the invoice before it gets paid. All invoice details are available to you in your Netbank. Make sure to check all details before you approve the payment. If you want to change the amount or date of the payment you can do so before your approval of the invoice.
Some online banking services offer notification by text message (SMS) when a new electronic invoice is due. You will have to register your mobile number to be able to receive these notifications. Text message notification is a service from your bank, so changes must be done in your bank, not in our customer database.
Electronic invoice and e-mail invoice can be combined with direct debit service.
If you want to receive your invoices from Tussa by e-mail you can log in to DI SIDE (our customer care site on
When you are logged in choose KUNDEPROFIL in the menu on your left hand side. Choose the icon called E-POSTFAKTURA.
You will then receive a code by e-mail which you will have to use to confirm your order. You will now start to receive your invoices from Tussa by e-mail.
When you receive your invoices by e-mail you have to pay them as usual in your bank or in your online banking service (Netbank). However, if you combine it with AvtaleGiro (direct debit) the invoice will be payed automatically from your online banking service (Netbank).
Electronic invoice and e-mail invoice can be combined with direct debit service.

You can order or close your direct debit service (AvtaleGiro) in your online banking service (Netbank). You can also contact your bank to ask for help.
The bank will automatically pay your bill for you if you use AvtaleGiro on invoices from Tussa. But you have to make sure that there are enough money in your bank account to cover the payment on the due date. You will get a payment notification on paper or e-mail as usual.
You can combine e-mail invoice, SMS invoice and electronick invoice with the direct debit service.

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