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Maintenance Tussa Datacentre

In order to keep computer systems updated and to ensure a high uptime for users, it is important to carry out periodic maintenance. We have divided the maintenance into three categories, heavy maintenance, maintenance and low maintenance.

Planned maintenance

Planned maintenance from 17:00, or by prior appointment, on the following dates.

Heavy maintenance

During the heavy maintenance period, we will do larger upgrades. This will mean that IT systems will be unavailable during the maintenance period. We have now decided to carry out the heavy maintenance over weekends. Users will be notified at least one week in advance.


During maintenance, we will do application updates and upgrades of operating systems (security-updates). The 3rd (4th) week of the month we will run maintenance on all systems. Maintenance starts Tuesday at 17:00 local time (UMT +1) and last to Thursday 06:00. It is only between Wednesday at 17:00 local time (UMT +1) and Thursday 06:00 local time (UMT +1) users will notice partial downtime of systems.

Easy/Low maintenance

On the 1st (2) Wednesday of the month at 17:00 local time (UMT +1) or by prior appointment, we will install enrolled program updates. Downtime will depend on the size of the upgrade and whether application owners have reported the program updates.

Program Updates

It is possible to order software updates to take place on the 1st (2) and 3rd (4) Wednesday of the month, or by special appointment. If you require a program-update, we ask you to order this at our Servicedesk (servicedesk@tussa.no). Thereafter media has to be sent. We need the order and the media submitted by Friday before maintenance day.

For upgrades to be carried out for the housing and management clients, we request that the technical contact at Tussa IKT AS is named.

If you are aware of any dates in which we cannot take the system down entirely or partially from 17.00 p.m., please inform us well in advance. We will try to adapt our maintenance process with your company’s best interest in mind. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.