About Tussa

Strategy and forecast

Tussa’s owners want the company to continue to thrive in its strength and independence, and to continue to be a motivator for the region. Tussa is also the owners tool to achieve a sustainable energy supply to the region. The vision is to create environmentally and progressive solutions with power from Tussa.

Tussa is committed to providing information that shows the true share value of the company and to its role in local society. This entails Tussa having an active attitude towards delivering what it has promised to shareholders and informing them about these issues. We believe that maintaining a local majority holding in Tussa is still vitally important.
Hydroelectric power – renewable energy
The challenge of energy deficit that was current a few years ago can now be depreciated. With the stimulus of electricity certificate and other schemes, it appears that we are in a situation where there is a national and Nordic power surplus. This gives uncertain investment signals.
Of the total energy consumption in Norway the renewable share shall be higher than 67,5% in 2020. If Tussa based on the consumption in our region should develop a relative share of Norway’s requirement of renewables it is in range with projects we have under planning or recently have developed.
IT and broadband
The development, operation and monitoring of Tussa’s broadband roll-out in Sunnmøre will continue in 2016. Our vision is to become the preferred provider of broadband and related services in the area. We will meet customer requirements for communication and interaction through our future-oriented and reliable broadband technology. Tussa aims to cover its customer’s needs for communication and IT services through future-oriented technology that focuses on security. Tussa is to be the customer’s first choice for ICT services in the region. Several companies choose to outsource all or part of their IT operations as a result of increased demands for specialist expertise. Tussa wants to meet this need by being a local, responsible supplier of IT operations services. The broadband network will be further developed in order to provide capacity-demanding services with a high uptime.
Marketing and customer support
Tussa has the northwest coast of Norway as its regional stronghold, and therefore primarily focuses on the local region. However, we would like to develop outside our geographical sphere together with our customers. Our main development and growth will result from increased sales to existing local customers. This alone is enough of a challenge as regards maintenance work and the expansion of our portfolio of products. Market demands for new products require a close and logical connection to our key values, which are "progressive and environmentally", and to our local power grid and telecom infrastructure. Putting together our products in logical product families will be a key priority in order to ensure that our customers feel that they are getting value for money. The effective handling of customer information and development of our Internet products will be key tasks in the time ahead. There are several opportunities for sustained growth and development within all the group’s core areas, and the company’s owners are confident that profits will continue to increase in the future.


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Important phone no.:

Customer service: 70 04 63 00
Front desk: 70 04 62 00

Opening hours for customer service:

Monday – Friday 08.00–15.30
Broadband, TV & Telecommunication:
Monday – Friday 08.00–19.00
Saturday 12.00–15.00 

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Langemyra 6, 6160 Hovdebygda