About Tussa
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Tussa Group

Tussa Kraft is the parent company of a group of companies specialising in renewable energy, telecommunications, IT and sale of energy and communication products.



Founded in 1949, Tussa has produced and delivered electric power to the southern part of Sunnmøre for nearly 70 years.  Organisation


Strategy and forecast

The vision is to create environmentally and progressive solutions with power from Tussa.  Strategy and forecast


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Visting adresses and phone numbers.  Contact us


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Important phone no.:

Customer service: 70 04 63 00
Front desk: 70 04 62 00

Opening hours for customer service:

Monday – Friday 08.00–16.00
Broadband, TV & Telecommunication:
Monday – Friday 08.00–19.00

Visiting address for customer service:

Electricity and invoice
Industrivegen 6, 6080 Gurskøy
Broadband, TV & Telecommunication:
Langemyra 6, 6150 Ørsta